KYC Policy

Know Your Client Policy

AssetDex (the “Company”)

Because of the company's commitment to the AML and KYC policies, each client of the company must finish a verification procedure. A client will not be able to engage in active trading before all required documents are delivered and the identity authentication process is complete. Client acknowledges that documents which are provided by you in a foreign language must be sent with a dated translation, signed and certified by an independent person competent and authorised to approve such translation being the accurate, truthful translation of the original.

In order to complete the compliance procedure, the following documents are required:


In the form of a color copy of User’s:

1. Valid Passport or
2. Driver License or
3. ID 

Both front and back, indicating:

1. User’s Legal Name;
2. User’s Date of birth;
3. Document’s Expiry Date;
4. User’s Signature;
5. User’s Picture.


The User will provide a color copy of User’s credit card, front and back.

The provided copy must be with the following elements visible:

1. Cardholder Name;
2. Expiration date;
3. Front side - the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits;
4. Back Side – Signature;

For User’s security, other identifying details should be kept concealed.


In the form of:

1. A copy of an original current utility bill dating not longer than three (3) months back; or
2. A copy of an original Bank or Credit card statement, tax statements or local authority tax bill or government-issued proof of address; all must be dating not longer than three (3) months back.

The provided copy must be with the following elements visible:

1. Issuer;
2. Name and address;
3. Date of issue;


Please print, fill-out and hand sign the following form.

The document must be scanned with the following elements visible:

1. Date of deposit;
2. Exact hour (with timezone);
3. Amount and currency;
4. Last 4 digits;
5. Signature;

A declaration of deposit form must be signed by the User.